Rushdown Radio Podcast: 28 – Toxic Gamers

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Our latest podcast takes a look at the subset of gamers who go above and beyond to defend their favorite games. We’re talking about Toxic gamers. Now toxic gamers come in many different forms usually known as trolls. They live in the bowels of the internet on social media, forums and online gaming networks like PSN or XBL. These gamers use racist rhetoric, misogyny, homophobia and other socially destructive language that is harmful and toxic. But, we’re discussing an even more insidious form of toxic gamers; the toxic gamers that make threats on someone’s life and well being. These gamers go very far in trying to do things to destroy your life just for having a difference of opinion about video games. We’ve seen this most recently in the clusterfuck that was #Gamergate. This type of reckless behavior is continuing onward as of this year with such huge releases like Legend of Zelda which was universally loved and praised. However deviating from that wellspring of praise landed a few reviewers in compromising or life threating situations. We break it down for you and try to make sense of this behavior.

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