Podcast: The Tri-Force Experience

In this week’s Hollywolves episode (11/22), the entertainment world unveils a tapestry of secrets and revelations. Nicholas Holt lands the role of Lex Luther in ‘Legacy of Superman,’ while Steven Yeun’s potential as The Sentry in the MCU sparks rumors. Hollywood’s strikes take center stage, with the Writers Guild Strike concluding and a SAG-AFTRA vote pending. Legal matters find resolution as Diddy settles with Cassie, and Britney’s memoir exposes Justin Timberlake’s untold chapter. Geopolitics impact showbiz as Melissa Berrera exits ‘Scream 7’ over her Palestine stance. Variety scrutinizes the MCU’s future, and gamers rejoice with Nintendo’s Live Action Zelda announcement. Our review covers the Marvels premiere, Netflix’s ‘Scott Pilgrim,’ and the buzz around Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ spin-off, ‘Gen V.’ Join us for a whirlwind tour through Hollywood’s highs and lows.

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