Playstation Unveils Politically Charged and Divisive #BLM Theme

Oh Sony! It looks like you have become “too political” for gamers. Above was the statement Sony rendered after George Floyd’s murder at the hands of three police officers went viral. As many companies have pivot away from supporting #BLM in recent weeks (now that it isn’t trending), Sony wants to make sure you’re still aware. Sony unveiled their highly political Black Lives Matter theme that you can download for free on your Playstation 4.

Many gamers feel that this support of #BLM is too political and divisive. Soon people will accuse Sony of being an SJW company because they support marginalized groups like the LGBT and Black people. Who knew a free theme would cause such a disturbance in the gaming industry? It is very sad that fighting for racial equality and human rights is considered political. I’ll be downloading this theme as soon as I can. Do you support Sony’s stance with #BLM and the LGBT community?

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4 thoughts on “Playstation Unveils Politically Charged and Divisive #BLM Theme

  1. I’m sorry you see your skin as a “Political statement “…..????????? You need to quit with this Uncle Tom buffoonery…..

  2. Thanks for identifying yourself as racist trash. It makes it easier for the rest of us to shun you when bigots like the writer of this post self-identify.

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