Rushdown Radio Podcast 38: Why Do Gamers Fetishize Skill?

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Michael and Anthony discuss the subversive underbelly of gaming culture which places high value on skill and being able to play difficult games with ease. This makes these players and games placed in a higher regard because of its skill threshold being very high. Gamers who aren’t as skilled are left to feel less than. What is the big to do about gaming skill? Are games easier than they were “back in the day?” Do we secretly lust after such abilities?


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1 thought on “Rushdown Radio Podcast 38: Why Do Gamers Fetishize Skill?

  1. I enjoy listening to these podcasts, but the thing that keeps me from fully enjoying it is the audio.

    Please exercise better microphone habits when recording. Have the mic a tightly-closed fist distance from your mouths, project your voices, enunciate, don't turn away from the mic.
    Lastly, always normalize the track volumes before finalizing the audio file.

    As it is now, the voice volumes are too inconsistant. One minute, they drop to levels so low that one needs headphones to hear, and then the next minute they spike to painful levels on the same headphones.

    Your content is great, the final product just badly needs these simple quality improvements.

    p.s. The word "fetishize" was a real struggle, eh? Came out more often as "fantasize.

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