Lionsgate Releases New Power Rangers Trailer

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Saban’s reimaging of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have raised a lot of concerns from longtime fans. Many of the elements of the original show have been tweaked and updated. Some of these choices have been welcomed like race swapping characters. However, the suits, zords, Alpha-5, Goldar and Rita Repulsa have gotten a polarizing reception. I was skeptical of the new direction not paying homage to the original and pandering to a younger generation that never experience MMPR the first time around.

This new trailer was a welcomed surprise. A lot of the things that I found to be overly designed or redesigned actually look great on-screen in motion. The stills of the rangers’ suits, the Megazord and a lot of other visual aesthetics translated well on screen. This trailer shows more of Rita Repulsa, the command center, and Alpha-5. This direction may not look pretty in still images but it worked well once they were put to motion. Rita Repulsa especially looks menacing for a change. This trailer was much needed to add more hype to this remake. Take a look at the new trailer below and let us know what you think.

Power Rangers – In Theaters March 24

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