Here Comes A New Challenger: Sammus

While not exactly new to the scene since she’s been making music as far back as 2012 with her debut project M’other Brain. Yes, these references are very intentional. After meeting her at one of her shows, she tells the audience the reasoning behind the name. As a kid, she loved Metroid; a passion that can be heard through her music. One of the most powerful moments that stuck with her was the reveal at the end of the original Metroid that Samus was a woman. The realization stuck with her through her childhood life and became a great deal of inspiration for her music.

For the curious, her favorite Metroid game is Super Metroid. I only wish I was able to ask for her opinion on Other M. In any case, the Samus motif would be carried out for three projects: M’other Brain, Prime, and Another M where the reference can’t be denied as the album art is her in the classic power suit. She even performs witha replica of the power suit’s arm cannon, a very nice touch I must say. After my initial listens of the 3 projects, 2 things became very clear. One, her love for Samus Aran is stronger than I’ve ever seen. Two, I don’t think I’ve heard such a seamless paralell to one’s life and the life of an intergalactic bounty hunter before now.

But what if you aren’t a Metroid fan? What if you just hate Metroid? Should you give her a listen? YES. When she isn’t using Samus Aran and her adventures as metaphors for her personal life, she’s telling more personal stories more plainly but with that same passion. Songs like “1080p” tell of her story of depression and soul searching before she went to therapy and was able to find the help she needed. “Qualified” is another song in this vein where she wonders if her accomplishments are from her hard work or if she’s a fraud and deserves her fame.

On the more light-hearted side, songs like “Lovesong” tells the story of her manager asking her to write and perform a love song and her stanch refusal to do so. “Mighty Morphing” is one of my favorites, sending the message that no one person has to be into a certain set of things because of their race or gender. I could list songs all day about her and my favorites (Power-Ups has been on repeat since Monday) but I don’t want to give away her discography.

When she isn’t being personal, she’s also funny and has messages that sometimes you need to hear. I won’t guarantee that each listener will suddenly feel inspired by her words, but I know I have. And if you aren’t trying to get deep in your feels and in your head, she’s got chill music. Honestly, the more I hear the more impressed by her range and ability. Sammus is currently my “why isn’t she more popular” artist that I want to pass onto you all. If you love video games in general or looking for some new music from the underground, give Sammus a listen. If you’re already a fan, let us know your favorite song. Also let us know your favorite Metroid game so I can see just how many people love Super Metroid as much as I do.

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