Thai-Pop Girl group Pretezelle covers ‘Eyes on Me’ in Stunning Cosplay Performance

Dive into the enchanting world of Thai-Pop with Pretezelle, a captivating four-member girl group that has been making waves since their debut on May 28, 2020. Comprising the talents of Inc, Ice, Aumaim, and Grace, Pretezelle is renowned for infusing a modern twist into the Pop Dance genre. Their music and dynamic performances have garnered widespread attention.

One of Pretezelle’s standout performances is their cover of “Eyes on Me,” a poignant pop ballad originally performed by Hong Kong singer Faye Wong for the video game Final Fantasy VIII. This rendition pays homage to the iconic song, showcasing the girls’ vocal prowess and their evident passion for the Final Fantasy series. In the accompanying video on their official YouTube channel, Pretezelle not only delivers a stellar cover but also delights fans by cosplaying as beloved Final Fantasy heroines Aerith, Tifa, Yuna, and Lunafreya. It’s a harmonious blend of musical talent and fandom that adds a unique charm to their rendition of this classic song. Immerse yourself in the magic of Pretezelle’s cover and witness their heartfelt tribute to the timeless melody of “Eyes on Me.”

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