#Eurovision2020: The Best Song Entries Have So Much Flavor

We’re back for another year of Eurovision. Unfortuately Eurovision last year was rather stale. I may have only liked maybe five songs at the most. Which is a let down from Eurovision 2018 (one of the best years ever.) But I’m here to say that Eurovision 2020 is actually better than 2018’s entries. There’s an abundance of Black people and POCs representing countries that are overwhelming…white. This year’s tagline is “Open Up” and that’s exactly what they are doing. Not only has their been an increase in melanin (rooting for everybody black!), there’s a push for body representation and inclusion. Europe has had a very stringent and narrow view of beauty standards so it’s refreshing to see different body types and beauty on display. Eurovision 2020 will take place May 12 – May 16. Hopefully Logo or someone will stream it for us here in America.

Let’s take a dive into this year’s entries:

Jeangu Macrooy – Grow – The Netherlands
The Netherlands has had a great track record of sending their best singers with amazing vocals to compete in Eurovision. Jeangu’s Grow sounds like a song for John Legend which isn’t a bad thing. It’s very touching. His vocals are so rich and has a lovely texture.

Hooverphonic – Release Me – Belgium
Wasn’t expecting such a somber song from Belgium but this is actually really fantastic. It’s moody and melancholic. The strings section and bassline is really amazing. Not sure if this will be a top contender but it’s a great song nevertheless.

Gjon’s Tears – Répondez-moi – Switzerland
Switerzerland has always been pretty neutral in both war and Eurovision. They usually send very middle-of-the-road songs. This however is actually very unique. It’s a haunting ballad.

Eden Alene – Feker Libi – Israel
I did not expect an amazing Afrobeat song from Israel of all places. Eden sounds incredible. The song is infectious and fun. It has amazing energy and percussion. It makes you want to dance immediately. If Ethnic-Hip was a genre, this would be it. This is a top contender to win.

Vincent Bueno – Alive – Austria
I can’t remember Austria having a song like this in Eurovision. Vincent Bueno’s Alive sounds like your favorite funk/pop song. It’s something that Justin Timberlake would release no doubt. Unfortunately this song might not win though it should get a lot of point. It sounds almost exactly like Benjamin Ingrosso’s Dance You Off from 2018.

Lesley Roy – Story Of My Life – Ireland
Ireland has pretty good song entries each year. They are becoming more progressive and trying to show that in their song entries. Lesley Roy’s Story of My Life is just that highlighting different gender expression and presentation. The song is super catchy and anthemic. It is a really positive and uplifting pop/rock tune.

Victoria – Tears Getting Sober – Bulgaria
Gotta admit I didn’t care for this entry at first. It felt like a Disney ballad. And that’s probably why I started to love it. The arrangement is gorgeous and the instrumentation is stellar. This might be a dark horse in this competition.

Sandro – Running – Cyprus
Cyprus has a pedigree of great song entries and this year is not different. Instead of choosing just catchy song, this one has some lyrical depth while being an amazing Eurodance song. It is hard to say how well this song will do but nonetheless this is great.

The Mamas – Move – Sweden
To say Sweden always brings their A-game to Eurovision is an understatement. Sweden is known for having incredible pop songs. What’s more surprising is that the last two years their song representative have been black people. This year is even better because its three very talented plus size black women representing a country that’s been known for their Eurocentric beauty standards. The song is an incredible pop/soul anthem. The vocals are stellar and the harmonies are on point. The performance was just next level and I think they have a good chance to win. This is my top pick for this year.

Daði og Gagnamagnið – Think About Things – Iceland 
Iceland did not come to play. This song is so amazing. It’s very post-disco/Solar Records. I was not expecting this but I’m glad we got it.

Vasil – YOU – North Macedonia 
This was another unexpected entry. Macedonia gave a Eurodisco/Flamenco tune this year. It’s actually really sensual and sexy. I don’t think it will do well but I really think this is a great song.

Senhit – Freaky! – San Marino 
We’re taking it to the disco this year. I’m sensing a theme. Senhit probably has the best disco entry easily. San Marino isn’t a country that makes a lot of noise at Eurovision but this might change that. It’s retro yet modern. It reminds me of Uhm Jung Hwa just a bit.

Destiny – All Of My Love – Malta
Another example of pushing diversity. Destiny already has Eurovision Juniors title under her belt and now she’s moving to the big stage representing Malta. Being a plus size black girl, it’s amazing to see such a confident and talented showing that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. The song is an old school church-clapping soul tune. Destiny has a strong voice and amazing tone. I think this has a great chance to win.

Natalia Gordie – Prison – Moldova
This song is a slow burn. It’s a dramatic and stuttering synthpop ballad. I think this song could do well with the right standing.

Benny Cristo – Kemama – Czech Republic
We’re getting some ethnic diversity this year from unexpected places. Czech Republic doesn’t strike me as a country with a dense population of POCs. Still, this afrobeat/europop fusion is really good. It’s pretty infectious. I’m really digging the flavour.

Ben & Tan – YES – Denmark
This is another top contender for me. I think this is easily top 5 from this year’s competition. I love a folk/pop duet. The chorus is really huge and really catchy. I can definitely see this song doing well from the chorus alone. Denmark has a history of having very underrated songs. Hopefully this breaks that tradition.

Honorable Mentions
These songs aren’t exactly the best but they have something about them that’s worth mentioning.

Little Big – Uno – Russia ( The Meme Song)
I’m scared this song is going to win. It has all the ingredients: catchy chorus, silly yet easy to remember lyrics and a key-point dance. Right now the video sits at 23M views. Russia has a history of tampering with competitions and such so I wouldn’t be surprised they did something to gain that many views so quickly. However, this song may be the winner. Gimmicky songs like this fair pretty well at Eurovision.

Samanta Tīna – Still Breathing – Latvia (FemPower Anthem)
This song is very average Trap/Pop. The video is such a great message. That’s about it.

Hurricane – Hasta La Vista – Serbia (Instagram Model Anthem)
If Instagram was a song, this would be it. The song is mediocre but this would be great for a gay club. The visuals remind me of seeing your favorite instagram influencer/model. I’m down for a sexy concept but the song needs to be good too. This lacks substance.

Efendi – Cleopatra – Azerbaijan
I can’t decide if I like the song or if I like the song because the video is cool. I’m unsure about this but the video is dope.

Athena Manoukian – Chains On You – Armenia
I can see this song being a huge hit song. And having a huge gay following especially in America. However, the song is good but far from great. The visuals are really good. I doubt this song does well. Something about it seems too American for Eurovision.

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