Eurovision 2018: The Best Entries This Year

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While everyone else sits around watching American Idol and The Voice, I’m going to be glued to my TV watching Eurovision 2018. It’s a Pan-European song competition where different countries compete to see who has the best song. It’s pretty epic and it usually produces some incredible music too. I’ve been watching it for many years now. Here are the best of the 43 countries competing this year:
Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me – Czech Republic
I don’t know much about this young lad but when I heard this, I felt like I was listening to a K-Pop song. Everything from the production, video, styling, and singing feels like a well produced K-Pop song. Even the Rap sections too. I could hear someone from SM Entertainment doing this exact same song. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s a great song.
DoReDos – My Lucky Day – Moldova
I really loved the rhythm section and brass. The melody is really good. It’s very catchy. It has great energy. If Moldova is anything like this song, I need to take a vacation there.
EQUINOX – Bones – Bulgaria
Listening to this song, I got reminded of Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dreams. Especially the production but not so much the vocals. It’s a fantastic track however.
Julia Samoylova – I Won’t Break – Russia
I really wanted to dislike Russia’s entry since they have been extra shady in the recent Olympics and of course their alleged involvement in our Presidential election, but this song is solid. The chord progression is really pretty and the melodies are amazing. Julia has so much makeup on in the video. Russia’s obsession with beauty is so telling in this video.
Eye Cue – Lost And Found – F.Y.R. Macedonia
This song has like four different genres blended together. The only section that feels out of place is the faux-reggae riddim. However, the overall song execution is well done. It’s fun and a little frantic. The song builds really well during the chorus which is really important for Eurovision songs.
ALEKSEEV – Forever – Belarus
This song is really melancholic and kind of sad too. I love the driving beat. The production is very well layered. Maybe a little too sad for the Eurovision show but still amazing.
Ces├ír Sampson – Nobody But You – Austria
How knew there were black people in Austria? This song has all the ingredients for a Eurovision song: A choir, soulful vocals, rich melodies, electric guitar and empowering lyrics. Did you hear that falsetto? This is definitely a contender.
Jessica Mauboy – We Got Love – Austrailia
I’ve known Jessica Mauboy for a while. I love her evolution into this mature woman. This song is the kind of Power Pop Anthem needed to win. Her vocals are amazing too. So far, Australia has been on a streak of great Eurovision songs.
SuRie – Storm – United Kingdom
I’m just going to say it. This woman looks like Annie Lennox. And she sounds like her too. This song sounds like it was written for Annie Lennox. That doesn’t take away from this song being one of the best song entries from the UK. They have been hit or miss for many years. This is really great. It’s contemporary and current but has that great pop chorus.
Benjamin Ingrosso – Dance You Off – Sweden
Benjamin is incredible. He’s a great singer and this song fits him so well. Now, for Eurovision, I’m not sure if this is a strong contender. Just like last year’s entry I Can’t Go On from Robin Bengtsson, it might not get Sweden very far. Though this song was great too. It might be too current.
Eleni Foureira – Fuego – Cyprus
I was not ready for this. This song is so amazing. The Trop-Pop/Flamenco infused track is so good. The rhythm is very infectious. The build up to the drop is amazing and unexpected. The hook is so addictive. Not sure how well this song will do, but this is my favorite song from Eurovision 2018. And the video? Fuego! She looks amazing. Whatever Eleni is selling, I’ll buy.

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