Bright Light Bright Light takes the night in ‘This Was My House’ Official Video

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Pop savant Bright Light Bright Light just released the official video for his lead single “This Was My House” from his new album Fun City (due out this Sept.) The song is post-disco late 80s dance track. The song features guest vocals from Madonna’s legendary backup singer duo Niki Harris and Donna De Lory. The song is BLBL’s signature sound which he has perfected over the last decade. He has it down to a science.

The video is a fun trip through the LGBTQ+ underground club scene in NYC. It features a bevy of prolific LGBTQ+ figures, artists and trailblazers. Of course it is fitted with all the nostalgic props and accouterments.

When asked about the video, BLBL said “…because the song is about the LGBTQ+ community and our safe spaces, I wanted to fill it with as many people from the community as I possibly could. I was thrilled to have Bill Coleman in the video. He’s an amazing music figure who worked on things like Deee-Lite’s records, the “Party Monster” soundtrack but most importantly the “Party Girl” soundtrack, which is hugely influential on the production of the track. The cast are a glorious mix of human rights advocates, party planners, party goers, bartenders, creatives and entrepreneurs who all make the tapestry of the NYC LGBTQ+ world so rich. I’m so grateful to them all for lending their talent, time and passion to my video. I made it with director Tyler Jensen, a long-time friend who recently made the incredible ‘Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street’ documentary about the homophobia surrounding Mark Patton on Nightmare on Elm Street 2.”

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