#TBT: The Polymega May Be The Ultimate Retro Console

The PlayStation Classic was just announced, and I am…apprehensive about it. Mostly because we don’t know the full game list. When you have a library like the PS1 and you (shouldn’t) try to boil it down to 20 of it’s best games. That’s not a task that’ll be easy to pull off. Some are going to be happy that their favorite games are there, but then you’ll have people like me wondering how in the hell The Adventures of Tron Bonne didn’t make it on? It’ll be hard to please everyone. However, if you are some weirdo like me or if you’re tired of waiting for the supporting games for the mini console that hasn’t been announce yet, then this console may be for you.

This wondrous console is called the Polymega, one of the most interesting consoles I’ve ever seen. It’s a modular console, meaning it has some parts that you can swap out for others. This mainly pertains to the different cartridge slots since the disc slot seems to be able to play the four game types it supports. What games does it support, you ask? Well, the list is pretty extensive. For the CD module, it plays the PS1, the Turbografx-CD, the Sega CD, and the Neo Geo CD. As for the cartridge modules, it has one for the Genesis, Turbografx-16, the SNES, and the NES. Each module even comes with it’s own controller.

So far, it seems pretty cool to me. Especially for collectors that already have these games within their library. But the best part is that it can also emulate these games. Each module has five games from their respective console with the ability to add more. Which means you have an emulation machine that can play 8 different consoles with ease.

Now, of course this thing isn’t exactly…perfect? I do have some concerns. I wonder if they’ll keep adding support for different modules to perhaps support N64 games or have the disc module play Dreamcast games. Also, it could be easily argued that the Raspberry Pi does something similar and better. Plus, as seen in other pieces of technology, it’s difficult to get people on board with modular tech. I’m a touch skeptical about it, but I do think it can work if it emulates games well enough. Finally, the price point: $249.99. While I can understand why this would be the price set for it, is it a little high? Personally, I think it could stand to be $50 lower because of the market of emulation devices out there. It’s a few dollars more than the GPD XD+ which is considered to be one of, if not the BEST emulation console on the market. It’ll be interesting to see how the Polymega fares in that space.

Check out the trailer if you already haven’t and see it for yourself.

Polymega™ Official Launch Trailer I think what the Polymega is doing is great and is worth looking into and keeping an eye on. A lot of emulation devices are nice and all, but not a lot of them let you use the cartridges and CDs you already have. Perhaps that’ll be it’s niche? In any case, what do you all think? Does it interests you enough to want to buy it? Gonna stick with your PC? Let us know in the comments and all that.

Oh, um…we don’t support piracy, blah blah blah legal speak. Okay? Okay.

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