Spectre is finally arriving in DNF Duel this summer

Does anyone still care about DNF Duel? It is not surprising that most people have forgotten about this game. Nexon and Neople took their sweet time to finally add new content to the game. The last update was a huge balance patch that seemingly refreshed the game a bit. However, there hasn’t been a content update since the game was released. Spectre was teased a few months ago and we still have to wait even longer for her to arrive.

Spectre is one of the sub-classes of the Ghostblade class, which specializes in close-range combat with powerful shadow techniques. Spectre is a mysterious figure who wields a cursed blade that consumes the souls of its victims. She is a master of shadow magic and can teleport short distances to evade attacks and close in on her enemies.

In terms of gameplay, Spectre is a high-risk, high-reward character who requires precise timing and skillful use of her abilities to be effective. She looks to have a fast-paced, combo-heavy playstyle and her ability to deal massive damage in short bursts.

Also, it was revealed there’s a roadmap (see above photo) for more content added to the game over the course of a year or so. I don’t know if this will revitalize the game or attract new players. But this is still good for the 100s of players still grinding it out.

Check out the tiny bite size teaser below:

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