High Octane Action Comedy Polite Society Hits Theatres this Spring

The bond between sisters is strong and nothing can come between that, well almost nothing anyway. When a marriage takes away that bond, do you stand idly by or should your fists do the talking? Polite Society has all the answers.

A teenager Ria loves her older sister, Lena, to bits, but her sister’s marriage and imposing mother in law threatens to tear them apart forever. Ria must use her amateur martial arts training to free Lena from the clutches of the terrible family she’s marrying into.

Polite Society brings us the talents of Ritu Arya, known best for her recurring role as Lila Pitts in Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, Priya Kansara as Ria, Nimra Bucha as Raheela and Ella Bruccoleri as Alba. Written by Nida Manzoor, she also makes her directing debut with this British action comedy.

Polite Society looks to make a splash in the action comedy genre with its diverse cast as well exploring the bond of sisterhood when it hits theaters April 28th. Can’t wait to see how the action and martial arts will be implemented as well. Are you excited for Polite Society? Is it on your must see movies list for this year?

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