Lost Soul Aside’s Jaw-Dropping Update at #ChinaJoy2023

The gaming community was abuzz with excitement as Lost Soul Aside, the highly anticipated action RPG from UltiZero Games, made its grand appearance at ChinaJoy 2023. The event treated attendees to a breathtaking update that showcased impressive gameplay, stunning visuals, and exciting announcements, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the game’s release.

Hands-On Preview and Gameplay Showcase:

At ChinaJoy 2023, lucky attendees got a chance to dive into the world of Lost Soul Aside with an exclusive hands-on preview. The gameplay showcase was a treat, featuring over 20 minutes of intense action, giving players an immersive look at the game’s mechanics, combat system, and breathtaking visuals. The demo’s impact was undeniable, solidifying Lost Soul Aside as one of the most promising upcoming titles.

ChinaJoy 2023 Trailer Release:

As part of the PlayStation China Hero Project, UltiZero Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment thrilled fans by unveiling the ChinaJoy 2023 trailer for Lost Soul Aside. The trailer was a visual feast, offering an exciting glimpse into the game’s world, showcasing fast-paced combat, and captivating everyone with its stunning graphics. The trailer’s grandeur fueled the excitement and anticipation surrounding the game’s eventual release.

RTX On: Elevating the Visuals to New Heights:

Drawing gasps of awe from the audience, UltiZero Games showcased a brand new Lost Soul Aside trailer at ChinaJoy 2023, featuring the game with RTX On. The real-time ray tracing technology took the game’s visual quality to unparalleled levels, bringing the world of Lost Soul Aside to life with breathtaking realism. The addition of RTX On promises to revolutionize the visual experience in gaming.

PC Version Announcement:

Adding to the excitement, UltiZero Games officially announced a PC version of Lost Soul Aside at the event. Alongside the previously confirmed PS5 platform, this news delighted PC gamers, giving them the opportunity to embark on the epic adventure on their preferred platform.

Uncertain Fate of the PS4 Version:

While the event brought many joys, there were hints that the PS4 version of Lost Soul Aside might face cancellation. Reports from various sources suggested that no mention of a PS4 release was made, casting uncertainty over its development. Fans now eagerly await official confirmation to shed light on the fate of the PS4 version.


As a fan of action RPGs, I can’t help but be blown away by the latest update on Lost Soul Aside at ChinaJoy 2023. The game’s visuals and gameplay look simply breathtaking, promising an immersive and unforgettable experience. The lack of a specific release date and the potential cancellation of the PS4 version are a bit disappointing, but it doesn’t dampen the overall excitement for the game’s eventual launch.

The passion and dedication from the developers at UltiZero Games are evident, and Lost Soul Aside has undeniably become one of the most anticipated titles of the year. With its captivating world and adrenaline-pumping combat, Lost Soul Aside has all the ingredients for a gaming masterpiece that will leave a lasting impact on players worldwide. As we eagerly await further updates, I can’t help but imagine the incredible adventures that await us in this mesmerizing world.

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