Emoji Review: Fun City

What Does It Sound Like: 90s Hi-NRG, 80s Funk, Post Disco, House and Lisa Lisa


Touchy ????
I Used to Be Cool ? ????
Sensation ?????
Good At Goodbyes ????☺
You Make It so Easy, Don’t You ?????
Its Alright, Its Ok ???
This Was My House ?????
Never Be Lonely ?☺??
These Dreams ??☺
Love Song ???
Next To You ????
Saying Goodbye is Exhausting ??

Fun City is just like any metropolis: sexy, fun, new and exhilarating. But once that glamour and glitz fades, it’s very sad and lonely. Longing for self-acceptance and personal validation is the undercurrent of the album. Love of self and love of others does not come easy. Rod understands this well and weaves this concept into the subconscious of the record. Fun City invokes a sense of departure: saying goodbye to your old self, your old lover, and your old way of thinking. All of this existential rumination is set to the backdrop of glittery 90s Hi-NRG and 80s funk. There’s a romantic texture to a lot of the songs on Fun City. It could be the lyrics or the string sections in the production. The nostalgia glimmering throughout the album takes hold and never let’s go. Life isn’t always fun but we find a way to make it through. Through time and space, love is the greatest gift we have.

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