Emoji Review: Black Country Disco

What does it sound like: Sad 80s Pop, Studio 54, and Saturday Night Fever.


Black Country Intro ???
Close 2 Me ????
Carnelian ????
Tender ?????
Traces ☺???
Euston ???
WM ????
Dead Already ???❤❤
01929 ?????
Black Country Disco ?????

Invoking the emotional inner turmoil of Donna Summer and Beegees with the infectousness of ABBA, Black Country Disco is both sexy and sad at the same time. It balances the two feelings well without being heavy handed on either side. Aspaul’s vocals are tender, vibrant and sentimental. You don’t have time to be sad for too long and you aren’t overdosing on the dopamine of sexual release. Everything in moderation. It references the 70s and 80s with modern touches. It feels good even when you feel heartbroken. You’re dancing with tears in your eyes the whole time.

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