Microsoft Acquires Bethesda In Monumental Deal

In a shocking move, Microsoft has acquired ZeniMax in a $7.5 billion deal. By proxy, this means that Bethesda is now a Microsoft company. It’s unclear if this means that future Bethesda games will be a Microsoft exclusive; the best answer we have is it’ll be on a “case by case basis.” However, given the way Microsoft has managed Xbox as a brand, that’s not as likely as we may think. Microsoft has gone on records saying that they aren’t as interested in exclusives or full-priced games as their competition. So why the big move?

This is most likely a move to bolster their Game Pass library. Cutting out the middle man is the easiest way to make sure games come out launch day on Game Pass after all. Of course, this is just speculation, but it’s the most likely reason. At this point, Microsoft doesn’t even have exclusives anymore, so buying a company for them wouldn’t make sense. But ensuring that they have the biggest selection possible in Game Pass is an easy way to get people to look in their direction a little more. Though, I do hope that a side effect will be Bethesda getting a better engine. Maybe even working with Obsidian again?

I’ve been Sony faithful since the original Playstation days with some Nintendo on the side. Xbox has never really appealed to me until Game Pass, leaving me to consider some things. I guarantee I’m not the only one who turned their head toward Microsoft because of Game Pass and with Bethesda under their belt, it can only be good for anyone slightly interested in the pass. But what about you all? Does this make you want to give Game Pass a chance? Are you currently using Game Pass? Or will you be sticking with Sony? Let us know in the comments.

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