Capcom cracks down on racial slurs used in SF6

Street Fighter 6 has burst onto the scene with incredible momentum, quickly becoming one of the best-selling entries in the franchise within its first week. However, this early success is marred by a disturbing issue that exposes the lack of comprehensive measures against bigotry and trolling in the game. In the few days since its release, players have already resorted to racist usernames, including the use of the N-word. While trash talk and offensive language are sadly common in fighting games, it’s disheartening to see it go unchecked in a modern title like Street Fighter 6. Let’s explore this issue and discuss why it’s crucial for Capcom to take swift action.

[Editor Note: TW – Use of slurs]

Unprecedented Sales:

Street Fighter 6 has made an enormous impact, smashing records for the franchise. Within its first week, the game has sold over 1 million copies, while Street Fighter V fell short of its sales expectations during its launch. This success not only highlights the game’s popularity but also raises expectations for a diverse player base. Capcom also celebrated the franchise crossing 50M copies sold. This is quite a milestone.

A Lingering Problem:

Unfortunately, as players jump into the game and engage with the community, they encounter a distressing pattern of racist and bigoted behavior. It’s disappointing that, in an era where inclusivity and respect are championed, such behavior still finds a breeding ground within the gaming community. While it’s true that trash talk has long been a part of the culture surrounding fighting games, it’s high time for developers to address this issue head-on.

The Need for Stronger Protections:

Given the history of offensive language in gaming, one would expect that Capcom had put measures in place to mitigate such behavior. The absence of a comprehensive glossary of blocked words and phrases for chat and avatar creation is baffling. It’s clear that these precautions are necessary to create a safe and inclusive environment for all players.

Time for Change:

It’s imperative to acknowledge that bigoted and racist language has no place in any form of entertainment, including video games. While some may argue for the freedom of speech or claim that it’s part of gaming culture, such arguments perpetuate harmful stereotypes and contribute to an unwelcoming environment. Capcom must act swiftly and decisively to address this issue in Street Fighter 6 and show that they are committed to fostering an inclusive community.

Consequences and Hope for Improvement:

Thankfully, there have been consequences for at least one player responsible for spreading hate within the game. The individual responsible for the offensive username has been banned for a considerable period of 200 years. Although it is not a permanent ban, it sends a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

Looking Ahead:

While the initial response from Capcom might be disheartening, it’s essential to believe in the potential for change. As time progresses, we can hope that Capcom will rectify this situation and implement stricter measures against bigotry and racism in Street Fighter 6. It remains unclear how these offensive terms slipped through the filter, but this incident highlights the urgent need for stronger safeguards to protect players from such toxicity.


Street Fighter 6’s meteoric success is a testament to the enduring popularity of the franchise. However, the prevalence of racist usernames and offensive language within the game’s early days undermines the potential for a diverse and inclusive player base. It is crucial for Capcom to address this issue promptly, establishing robust protections against bigotry and ensuring a welcoming environment for all players. Only by taking decisive action can Street Fighter 6 truly become a game that brings people together and promotes inclusivity within the gaming community.

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