Yasuyuki Oda Promises News For KOFXV Coming Early 2021

We’re coming to the end of 2020 and we have no updates about King of Fighters XV since it was announced at Evo 2019. Many fighting game fans expected to get at least a trailer by now. There have been several events this year that would have been perfect opportunities to drop a teaser. One particular event, the Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable, we definitely expected to get a trailer and that didn’t happen. Series Producer Yasuyuki Oda mentioned that KOFXV was in development and that was it. SNK didn’t have much to show at Tokyo Game Show 2020 either.

In a recent interview about KOF All Stars, he was asked directly KOF XV:

I hope they release a trailer and do regular roster trailer drops like they did with KOFXIV. I can understand why they are being very secretive about this new title. KOFXIV was shown prematurely and received substantial negative criticisms about the visuals. Unfortunately the game was poorly received by the fighting game community and gaming press. I hope KOFXV looks incredible and plays amazing too. We’ll have to wait until next year to find out.

[Thank you @_YeMaster_ for the translation]

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