Nintendo Shuts Down Huge Online Smash Bros Tournament The Big House

Smash Bros event The Big House, was scheduled for the upcoming fall tournament December 4 – 6. Unfortunately, Nintendo sent over a cease and desist order to the tournament organizers for The Big House. They released a statement earlier today giving a little insight as to why the C&D was sent over:

If you aren’t following the Smash Community then you probably haven’t heard about Slippi. Slippi is a program that adds rollback netcode to Smash Bros Melee via the Dolphin emulator. Since the pandemic has no signs of going away (at least in the west) gamers have been reliant on online play more than ever. Slippi would make playing Melee online as close to local play as possible. The Melee community rejoiced as this would revolutionize the community.

Nintendo has been notorious for shutting down unauthorized projects, games and events. It is no surprise that they would shut down a huge online tournament that uses their software without expressed consent. This could also mean that Slippi might be in jeopardy as well. We’ll continue to follow this story as it develops.

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