The eSports Bubble Has Finally Popped: Why This Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

The world of eSports is going through a seismic shift. For years, the industry has grown at an unprecedented pace, with teams and leagues popping up all over the world. But now, the bubble has finally burst, and it’s about time we stopped chasing this format that has done more harm than good.

One of the latest casualties of the eSports bubble is CLG. The team has announced that it will be closing down its division, and more teams are evaluating the value of eSports. Teams from all over, such as Liquid, Finest, and even FaZe clans, are collapsing as divisions close down and key figures leave amid plummeting value.

But this doesn’t mean that gaming is in trouble. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. As eSports continues to become less of a priority, the gaming industry at large can start making better games. For too long, developers have been churning out games with the goal of making them more “eSports.” The idea seemed to be to make games flashy, approachable, easy to follow, and easy to play.

But the result was homogenized gameplay that quickly grew boring and stale. Worse yet, balancing was often left to the whims of the professionals as opposed to the gaming public at large. This could be seen in many games that have come out in the last 6-8 years that suddenly became pushed for some sort of eSports events.

Now we are seeing the interest in eSports wane, and profits begin to fall. Whether it’s because of falling sales, loss of interest, the reputation eSports has gotten, or a combination of it all, the eSports bubble is crashing.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The truth is that the rise of eSports has done more harm than good for the gaming industry. It has led to a focus on games that are easy to play and easy to follow, rather than games that are truly great. It has also led to a focus on competition rather than fun.

Now, with the bubble finally bursting, we can get back to what gaming is really all about: fun. We can start making games that are challenging, exciting, and that truly capture the imagination. And we can do it without worrying about whether or not a game is “eSports-worthy.”

While this may leave many players in the dark as far as their futures, one can only hope their teams have plans or the players do. The truth is that gaming will continue to thrive, and those who are passionate about it will continue to find ways to make it work. The end of the eSports bubble may be painful for some, but it’s ultimately a good thing for gaming.

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