#SDCC2018: Broly Returns! New Dragon Ball Super Movie Trailer

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It looks like we finally got a good look at the new Dragon Ball Super trailer and…whew. In a short amount of time, we got a lot of information. For those unaware to the premise, we are basically watching the rise of a new Broly, Akira Toriyama’s Broly. In case you weren’t aware, the original Broly wasn’t Toriyama’s idea. If I’m not mistaken…he really didn’t even remember him. However, this is his rendition of “canon” Broly.
So, I already have a theory of what the story is. Post Tournament of Power, Frieza is up to Frieza nonsense and has brought a new wave of Frieza Force. Broly is some sort of trump card and is simply wrecking whatever is unfortunate enough to lock eyes with him. As he grows stronger, he’ll lose control and turn on Frieza. Broly is wearing the revised Frieza Force armor worn by Tagoma and Shisami, so I am led to believe that he was at one point loyal to Frieza. It’d also explain why Frieza is here. Again.
Other than that, the usual suspects are here with Goku and Vegeta once again sharing the spotlight. I’m a bit more fond of that than it being the Goku show as it so often is. I am also wondering if Broly is found randomly in the ice or what, because I take great interest in Vegeta saying “he’s learning as he fights.” So what’s the origin now?
I swear if a crying baby is involved…
He is probably also going to be as strong as Super Saiyan Blue which is becoming less special as each new obstacle comes along. But that’s the “problem” with shonen anime. However, as much as I am theorizing/reading into stuff…I’m really just here for the fighting. It looks good and they’re fighting in the tundra again, but who cares? It looks so damn cool.
Check out the trailer and let us know what you all think.

The twentieth Dragon Ball film hits theaters in North American in January 2019

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