Dynamite Bomb and Axel City 2 released on Arcade in Japan

Though the arcade scene across the world and even Japan has become unfortunately niche, there’s still faithful developers who want to keep that spirit of the arcade alive. One Japanese developer is committed to this philosophy and that is exA-Arcadia. They have released a bevy of arcade software over the last few years. Most recently they released two old-school retro fighting games for the arcade platform:

Dynamite Bomb!!

Light Green Games, the creative minds behind Dragon Ball Fighter Z, presents Dynamite Bomb, a thrilling 2D anime fighter now available on exA-Arcadia arcade boards in Japan. With a diverse roster of 10 playable characters, lightning-fast 0.3 frame input lag response, and a deep fighting game design, Dynamite Bomb promises a rewarding experience for skilled players. Dive into the characters’ stories in Story Mode, or refine your skills in Training Mode with customizable scenarios. Originally a Doujin gem, Dynamite Bomb has been remastered for the exA-Arcadia board, offering an explosive fusion of classic animation and cutting-edge features.

Axel City 2

AXEL CITY 2 has landed on exA-Arcadia boards in Japan, introducing a thrilling 2D anime fighter experience with a whopping 40 playable characters, lightning-fast 0.3 frame input lag response, and classic fighting game design. The game, developed over five years, immerses players in a modern, divided world where rival factions, Boumad Group and Kamishiro Zaibatsu, vie for control. With fully voiced characters, unique story sequences, and various challenging modes, including a 25-enemy slugfest in Fighting Mode, AXEL CITY 2 promises an immersive arcade experience. Whether mastering combos in Training Mode or unraveling the secrets of Mad Reverse bio enhancements in Story Mode, this game sets a new standard for arcade gaming with its epic saga and precision gaming mechanics.

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