#NoScrubs: No Switching Characters

Let’s begin with something I’m sure I’ve said in the past. When you are someone who is maybe not as skilled or someone who isn’t knowledgeable about a game, that doesn’t make you a scrub. When you’re new to a game, not making the progress you want to see, when you’re not “top level”, that doesn’t make you a scrub. It’s when you begin to blame others, get way too salty, speak ignorance with stubbornness and confidence, and just being a dick that makes you a scrub. Humility coupled with the willingness to learn and grow is what draws that line. 

Now, why did I go through all that? Well, because we have here a tale of someone who had no humility. Today we’re discussing a scrub who’s salt has stayed in their heart and is probably giving them high blood pressure. Truly, the worst salt you can have is the salt you don’t let go of. Sometimes, you just gotta hold the L or risk becoming this guy here. 

Now, if you watch the video associated with this comment, you’ll see that FourCo OpPop is actually pretty good. Which is why it sucks all the more to see this sort of behavior from a guy. Now, to be as fair as possible, did Jebailey start it? Yeah. He could have not said anything. But if he was talking facts, then it was what it was. However, the response from FourCo seemed…let’s say “strong.” Looking through the reply, you’ll quickly pinpoint where the scrubbiness comes from: the character argument. 

Since the dawn of competition in fighting games, many strategies have been used to defeat your opponent. From picking different outfits for advantages to switching sides mid tournament, there has always been some tactic used to get some sort of upper hand for one person. But the most common thing to do when you’re losing against someone is simply to change your character either to counter pick or to choose someone you’re more skilled with. It’s a very common practice that anyone can do it. Which is why it’s always so funny to me when people complain about it. 

If Jebailey only won because he switched characters, then couldn’t it be said that FourCo only lost because he didn’t do the same? Of course, it could be argued that he only knew how to play Vega…but who’s fault is that? Jebailey changed characters and won 4-1. That’s the reality of it. But it’s baffling to me  that he presents this as some sort of “gotcha” moment. “See, if he hadn’t changed characters, I would have won!” Yes. He knew that too and he switched characters. 

Let’s also discuss those last few sentences, right? If you play a game for 25 years, you should be competent at the game no matter if you’ve only played against the CPU. That aside, this is another silly ass argument. Because Jebailey has better credentials, he didn’t win the match because he lost 1 game? Out of 5?? Does this man think that professionals or high level players don’t lose? Does he also think that all tournament organizers are former Pros or something? This comes off to me as something you say to make yourself feel better about your loss. 

My favorite comment in that thread is “you don’t get to change the definition of winning to accommodate your failures.” FourCo is dedicated to saying he won because he took one game off Jebailey before leaving.  I know it feels good to beat someone who’s at a pro level. Trust me. I beat Smug at a game of SFV, but he won the set. I held that L, but I don’t go around telling people Smug lost to me because I feel like I’ve won. That’s what we call coping. 

By the way, I urge you to watch the video. FourCo’s Vega is pretty good. But also, the “discussion” continues on there with him trying to save face. Perhaps this was just a moment he couldn’t let go of or maybe Jebailey just got him riled up. Who’s to say? But this is an example of what happens when you just hold on to those salty moments. You start to believe dumb things like “well if my opponent hadn’t done this, I would have won” or “he shouldn’t have lost a game because he’s better than me.” This man is a very clear example of how long term salt can really make you delusional.  I only wish I could watch those matches now. Jebailey must have really washed him.

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