Warner Bros Unveils Free-To-Play Platform Fighter Multiversus

Warner Bros and Player First Games officially unveiled their upcoming platform fighter Multiversus. Game Director Tony Huynh outlines the game’s features and combat mechanics. Mutiversus is a Free-To-Play platform fighter with an emphasis on 2v2 combat. But you can still play solo as well. One of the noticeable aspects of the game is the voice actors reprising their roles like the legendary Kevin Conroy as Batman. The game is community focused with guilds and leaderboards. There will be regular updates like new characters, skins and more. Tony also mentioned they are spending a lot of resources into creating a smooth online infrastructure with dedicated servers on launch. He didn’t mention if there would be rollback netcode but one can assume it would be. Hopefully they use GGPO.

Multiversus will be released next year on last-gen and current-gen consoles except the NintendoSwitch. Check out the reveal trailer below:

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