Wonder Woman 1984 Releases Christmas Day in Theaters & HBOMax

We seem to have sprung a leak. Moments ago, a trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 was uploaded to YouTube detailing the long awaited release date for Wonder Woman 1984. It has since been set to private. Luckily someone took screen caps of the trailer.

Patty Jenkins, director, enthusiastically said that this movie was made for theaters and that should be the way everyone should experience it. Unfortunately we in America are still battling Covid-19 (and losing). To push this movie back further into 2021 would be suicide for the film. After long, people would lose interest and the hype would die down. What’s most intriguing about this is that HBOMax will be streaming it the same day at no additional cost. This would increase subscriptions of the service for sure. Not sure when the official announcement will be made but it should be coming very soon.

Are you excited to finally see Wonder Woman 1984?

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