New V-Trigger Teaser Revealed For Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

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Yoshinori Ono popped up at the Red Bull Battle Grounds to introduce the latest teaser for the upcoming update for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. There has been much speculation about the second v-trigger and what they would do. This new teaser helps us learn just a bit of what the new update will included. The teaser reveals that the 2nd V-Trigger will give characters new abilities, new combo extenders and new moves. We see Bison is back to his old tricks having his Psycho Crusher added to his arsenal. Also, Ken gets his Shinryuken. Many characters with difficult V-Triggers like Menat and Ibuki look to have simplified V-Triggers for their second. It’s very exciting seeing how this game and its meta will evolve. Take a look at the new teaser below:

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