New Soul Calibur VI Trailer Shows Off Game Modes And Character Creation

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This latest trailer for Soul Calibur VI showcases the single player content you’ll be able to play once the game arrives this October. One of the big staples of the series has become the Character Creation mode. Project Soul spared no expense offering a robust Character Creation system this time around. You’ll also be able to take your character into the alternate story campaign Libra of Soul. Don’t worry though, the main story (Soul Chronicle) will still be in tact going through the events of the very first Soul Calibur. There’s also the usual online modes and training mode. There’s even the coveted Arcade mode too. Also, Museum mode is returning which will allow you to view artwork and visual goodies. Check out the new trailer below: 「ソウルキャリバーVI」モード紹介トレーラー

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