PS4 Exclusive UltraAge Leads IntraGames Tokyo Game Show 2018 Line-Up

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Korean publisher Intragames will be traveling to the Tokyo Game Show to showcase a slew of games. The biggest title in the bunch is the high-speed Hack-N-Slash Roguelike UltraAge; developed by indie studio Next Stage. This game caught my attention upon getting a press release about it. The Hack-N-Slash genre has been pretty dry lately and it seems 2019 might be the revival it needs with Lost Soul Aside, Bayonetta 3 and Devil May Cry 5. UltraAge is set to be released exclusively on Playstation 4 in 2019.

About UltraAge:
Mankind has established a perfect utopia due to the miniaturization of plasma fusion reactor and the development of AI technology. As a result of learning and developing on their own, mankind had created an optimal environment, a world that has no conflict and famine has arrived. Unexplained and sudden rise in temperature lead to sea level overload and diastrophism brought critical situation to mankind.

However, thanks to the excellence performance of A.Is, mankind was living their normal lives without the sense of crisis. But as the giant meteor scape along the earth, the plasma facility exploded causing the ecosystem to collapse leading to a resource supply deficiency.

Thus, a group of scientists called the Frontier commenced the Earth Purification Project to preserve humanity, and the survivors was dispersed into earth’s shelter and cosmic orbital arc. As time flew by the earth resources were lacking making the Frontier to decide to stop all supplies to the Orbital Arc. They commence an experiment to give last hope of humanity… 1086 years later A person called ‘Age’ falls to earth from the Universe.

Special Features

The first fight for survival
Age on his arrival to earth begins an adventure to find something indispensable for the survival of mankind. But what is waiting ahead of him was a threat by the mutant creatures, organisms and specimens left on the desolate earth, and machines that became aggressive due to programming errors attacking him. Will age find what he wants and return to where he should be?

Exquisite combat system
Attack endlessly on the ground or in the air and evade at the just timing to keep the combo. Continue the combo by quickly narrowing the gap between enemies using the wire. When all the battle techniques have been mastered, you will experience the pleasure of action only available in Ultra age alone.

Master the Sword
A battle system that allows you to change your sword real time, bring down enemies in rapid tempo gives you the best combat experience you never had before. The special skills that is usable before your sword durability is done gives you the overwhelming power to turn the table around in the most critical situations. Identify the characteristics of the sword, and fight the enemy with the most effective strategy of your own.

Trilateral, strategic selection
You will find different species of Ultra Age monsters fighting for their territory. Will you take advantage of these fights or will you choose to strategically bypass it? It is up to you to explore the situation and make your future plans.

Rich natural environment
There are a variety of environments, such as lush forests, blazing desserts, thick rainforest as well as desolatewaste factories that is occupied by no one. See for yourself how the devastated Earth has become. UltraAge TGS2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

And here are the other titles that will be shown at TGS2018. Some of the titles are already available here in the West. Take a look:

Press Release:
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