Magic Knights Rayearth Collaboration with Valkyrie Profile Anatomia Starts This Week in Japan

SquareEnix in collaboration with CLAMP are launching a crossover event with Magic Knights Rayearth. You’ll be able to recruit Hikari, Ami and Fuu as your einherjar to fight the forces of evil.

Its been so long since CLAMP has done anything new with the Rayearth franchise. I’m so happy to see the new promotional artwork for the girls. I’m going assume the original voice actresses won’t be reprising their roles but I could be wrong. It would be amazing if Rayearth was remade just like Sailor Moon Crystal. One can dream…

A Reddit user WingedHao posted on the r/valkyrieanatomia page with an outline of the event and all the details. But you’ll need a Japanese account to participate. No word if this event will come to the west. In the meantime, check out the promotional trailer below:

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