Iron Saga Vs Reveals New Trailer at EvoJapan 2024

🤖 Dive into the world of mecha battles with Iron Saga VS! Unveiled at EvoJapan 2024, this epic installment promises gripping narratives, iconic rosters, and dynamic combat. Read all about it in our latest article here:

Iron Saga VS, the latest installment in the Iron Saga series, made its first tour stop at EvoJapan 2024, captivating global fighting game enthusiasts and fans of Super Robot Wars alike. Building upon the rich lore of the Iron Saga universe, Iron Saga VS promises an exhilarating journey into the heart of Mecha combat.

The trailer introduces Getter Robot, originally crafted for space exploration but repurposed into a formidable weapon against the invading Dinosaur Empire. Harnessing the power of Getter Rays, Getter Robot stands as humanity’s last line of defense.

Iron Saga Vs – Getter Robot Trailer

Prepare for an immersive experience as Iron Saga VS delivers a gripping narrative in Story Mode. Following the Battle of Hinomaru, a new threat emerges in the form of the enigmatic “Mimicry” Mecha, plunging the world into chaos once again. As players assume various roles and witness events from multiple perspectives, their skills will be put to the test to unlock rewards and save the world from the Mimicry menace.

Featuring a diverse roster of iconic Mecha units, including Mazinger Z, Dancouga, and original Iron Saga creations, players can expect nostalgic battles rendered in stunning 2D graphics. With a dynamic combat system that allows for tactical resource management and skill combinations, Iron Saga VS ensures an exceptional combat experience.

Iron Saga Vs Debut Trailer

For solo players, the game boasts an exclusive “anthropomorphic” AI system, enriching the strategic depth of battles. Meanwhile, online clashes are elevated with a “Rollback Network Code,” offering seamless gameplay and intense competitive matches against pilots worldwide.

Iron Saga VS is poised to redefine the Mecha genre, offering both nostalgia and innovation for fans old and new. Get ready to pilot your way to victory when Iron Saga VS launches on Steam soon!

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