Falcom releases debut trailer for Kai No Kiseki Farewell O Zemuria

Falcom just released the their first trailer for the 20th Anniversary Legend of Heroes title Kai No Kiseki Farewell O Zemuria. In the trailer we get to see a lot of fan favorites and old friends. This week’s Famitsu released visuals for the main party and their new designs.


“In the year 120X, everything ends.”

C. Epstein, the father of the Orbal Revolution, who prophesied the end of the Zemuria continent…As the ‘X-Day’ approaches, an orbal rocket is about to be launched from a massive base built in the land of Kunlun.

“Can humanity reach beyond the atmosphere?” “What lies at the ends of the continent?” “Can humankind uncover the truth of the ‘world’?”

As the whole world watches this unprecedented undertaking, in a certain location in the Ored Autonomous State—a place known as a technological singularity—various factions, including a young Spriggan and other forces from across the land, are beginning to gather. Will the solitary trail aiming for the distant heavens become the future of Zemuria… or will it be something else entirely…?”

Kai No Kiseki is slated for release in Japan September 26, 2024 for the Playstation 4|5.
Check out the new trailer below:

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