Insomniac’s Spider-Man Joins Marvel Universe in Spider-Geddon Event

In true Marvel Comics fashion, they are announcing yet another fucking comic book event. It’s hard to keep track of them all. I just stopped. Most times they amount to absolutely nothing in the end. However I digress. Maybe this time it will be different unlike Spiderverse. This event entitled Spider-Geddon; rather than having of all the different Spider heroes from different timelines and realities going off and fighting, they are taking the fight to Earth-616. All the villains and Spider heroes will wage the epic event on Earth. We’ve heard this so many times and they have rehashed this same kind of event too many times to count. Marvel…house of ideas? Probably not.

But the more important tidbit was that the runaway success of Insomniac‘s developed Marvel’s Spider-man has inspired them to develop that Spider-Man into his own comic book series. And he will be added into Spider-Geddon. His story will take place after the events of his game. Much like the critically acclaimed Injustice comic book series, a video game based comic book series could be very lucrative. Plus it allows them to think outside the box with a fresh take on the character. Take a look at the launch trailer below: SPIDER-GEDDON Launch Trailer

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