Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link Announcement Trailer

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One of Japan’s leading mobile gaming companies Cygames is teaming up with PlatinumGames to develop an epic Action-RPG spin-off of their grossly successful mobile game Granblue Fantasy. PlatinumGames is stepping in to develop the gameplay and visual while Cygames will govern the direction of the project as a whole. The musical score will be done by Nobuo Uematsu and Tsutomu Narita. Cygames‘ very own Tetsuya Fukuhara with act as game director while Koichi Haruta will oversee production. The trailer shows off the intense combat and highly stylized visuals. The battle systems looks very similiar to the latest Tales Of and Star Ocean games. It has not been revealed if this will get a console release or if it will get localized outside Japan. Take a look at the epic trailer for Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link below:

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