PlayStation Plus Gets A Price Hike With No New Features

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Welp, as if the gaming landscape hasn’t already proven it can’t quite sustain itself we get a bit more proof today. As of Sept. 22nd, PS+ will cost you $10 more dollars. 

In an update via the Playstation Blog, Sony has announced that the yearly cost for PS+ will be $59.99 while the three month subscription will be $24.99. They stress to remind you that if you are a current subscriber that the price takes place when you renew. 

While $10 may not be the biggest deal to some, bear in mind that the service has not been the most secure or reliable in recent years. From small things like the inability to change your PSN handle to the takedowns and even security breaches/hacks. I don’t even wanna touch the one that took down the service for about a month or so.

“The new pricing reflects the current market conditions while enabling us to continue providing exceptional value to our members.”

Some would disagree about the value, but Sony is standing firm with their stance on the matter. Either way, I would advise those without PS+ to get it while the getting is good.

But what do you guys think? Is PS+ worth it now? Will it be worth it after the price hike? Let us know.

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