Goenitz Enters The King of Fighters XV Next Week

Get ready for the storm as Goenitz arrives as free DLC in KOFXV and the much-awaited cross-play update.

It’s time to get hyped because the King of Fighters XV (KOFXV) is getting a major update! The iconic character Goenitz is making his way into the game as free downloadable content (DLC).

Classic Moves, Fresh Design

Goenitz fans, rejoice! It appears that this formidable fighter will come equipped with all his classic moves that made him a fan-favorite in the previous games. Whether it’s the devastating Tornado Spiral or the chilling Cyclone Borealis, you can expect Goenitz to unleash his stormy arsenal on opponents. However, his design has also received a slight tweak, giving him a fresh look while retaining his iconic style.

Boss Challenger: A Test of Skill

Get ready for the ultimate challenge because Goenitz will also be the next Boss Challenger in KOFXV. This means that players will face a high difficulty battle against the Boss version of Goenitz. Brace yourself for intense gameplay and prepare to push your skills to the limit. Defeating the formidable Boss Goenitz will reward you with an exclusive costume, making victory all the more satisfying. Hopefully he’s actually difficult unlike Boss Rugal.

Cross-Play Integration: Fixing Matchmaking Woes

In addition to the Goenitz DLC, KOFXV is also set to receive a cross-play update. This much-anticipated feature aims to address the matchmaking issues that have plagued the game since its launch. Cross-play integration will enable players from different platforms to compete against each other, creating a larger player pool and potentially improving matchmaking times. This update is a welcome addition for the KOFXV community, fostering a more dynamic vibrant online experience.

Goenitz arrives June 20, 2023 as a free DLC update along with the much anticipated cross-play integration. Check out the new trailer below:

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