Furries Invade Musou Stars With New Original Characters

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KoeiTecmo has just unveiled three new original characters for their crossover mashup Musou Stars. This game was not on my radar because the Warriors Orochi games were pretty boring and uninspired. I figured this game would end up the game way. I am a bit intrigued by these new furry characters they have added to the game. They seem somewhat interesting. Check out the screenshots and official artwork below:

Shiki’s Cousin and resident Hot-head. He was too young to succeed his father’s throne but now he has to step up as the world becomes pushed into peril.

The cold and calculated older brother of Tamaki. His true intentions are shrouded in mystery.

The innocent heroine who used her divine powers to transport heroes from another world to aid her. Calm, polite and eager to help, she does whatever she can to aid her people.

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