Fate/Stay Night’s Saber Joins Melty Blood Type Lumina

Last night the character select screen leaked revealing that Saber would be the final character in the base roster of Melty Blood Type Lumina. It was confirmed this morning during the Type-Moon Times Vol. 6 live stream that she was in fact the final character. They also showed a brand new trailer showcasing what she could do.

While some people might be unaware it is important to note that Melty Blood and Fate/Stay Night are in the same universe. It’s pretty much how Akira from Rival Schools ends up in Street Fighter V as they both share the same universe. It is very good for branding to try to tie these franchises together, especially since Fate is a very popular brand all over the world. Saber is the most recognizable character in the Fate franchise so it makes sense to add her to this game. People who aren’t familiar with Melty Blood might just try this game just to play as Saber.

Melty Blood Type Lumina releases today in Japan and tomorrow Worldwide on PS4, Switch and PC. Check out the Saber reveal trailer below:

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