4 Tips for Building the Perfect Gaming Setup

Don’t let the physical strains of long gaming sessions ruin your favorite hobby! Check out these four tips for building the perfect gaming setup.

Gaming today is a legitimate sport thanks in part to the rise of competitive eSports. However, suffering physical tolls on the body is the cost of long hours behind your monitor. Stay comfortable and implement these four tips for building the perfect gaming setup so that you can achieve peak performance while you game.

Comfort Is Key(board)

The physical strain endured by gamers is no laughing matter, and building a setup that focuses on your comfort ensures you’re playing at peak performance. Skyrim enthusiasts know there’s nothing worse than taking the proverbial “arrow to the knee” when sacrificing physical health for subpar gear! 


Seek out products that are ergonomic and specifically designed for video game use. Two-piece keyboards break traditional design and encourage natural placement and movement of your arms and fingers. A proper keyboard and mouse combo crucially impacts any gamer’s experience. 

Gaming mice implement specific hotkeys to the product to reduce the need for extra movement and protect against carpal tunnel symptoms and damages. Seek out mice that fit your hand seamlessly and perform at a high level, guaranteeing an enjoyable and safe gaming experience.


Don’t break the bank OR your back when you buy affordable, ergonomic gaming chairs. A true gaming throne features a backrest higher than typical office chairs that provides lumbar and shoulder support. A standard chair increases fatigue and stress over long periods of sitting. 

Flexible armrests offer superior protection against cramping and provide improved movement across your peripherals. Remember, the perfect gaming setup protects your body so that your focus is solely on getting that dub!

Run the Marathon

Hardcore gaming entails long hours of staring at your monitor. While a pro athlete’s bread and butter is a silky-smooth jumper or fancy footwork, yours is keen hand-eye coordination. Peripherals protect your hands, and quality blue light glasses guard your eyes. 

These specs block out harmful blue light emitted from your monitor, and some make pairs with gaming in mind.

Game It Forward 

The most significant challenge gamers face when building the perfect setup is constructing a high-powered PC that doesn’t burn a massive hole in your wallet. Remedy this issue through flexibility! The benefit of custom PC builds is the ability to implement newer and superior tech as you please. When starting, start small. Over time, upgrade your PC and stretch out the costs of expensive software and parts.

Lights, Camera, Action

Turn your favorite hobby into a profitable hustle through online streaming! Accommodate space for high eminence cameras, audio equipment, lighting, and perhaps unique set design, like green screens and gaming décor. These factors increase your stream’s quality and ensure your loyal fan base tunes in time and time again!

By following these four tips for building the perfect gaming setup, you’re on your way to becoming a pro gamer. Gaming has always been first and foremost about the player’s enjoyment; create a truly special space that’s perfect for you! Remember to build with comfort in mind and stay within your means.

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