Fan Favorite Neco-Arc & Mash Kyrielight join Melty Blood Type Lumina This Summer

Project Lumina announced two more characters coming to Melty Blood Type Lumina. Fan Favorite Neco-Arc and Fate/Grand Order‘s Mash Kyrielight will be free DLC arriving this summer. We got two teaser trailers for both characters. Neco-Arc was heavily requested by the Melty Blood community. It seems like the developers are listening while still keeping to their original vision.

Mash Kyrielight is a brand new character from the Fate series. It is nice that they are pulling characters from their shared universe. However, her moveset looks strikingly similar to Powered Ciel. Hopefully that’s not the case once we get the full moveset.

Also, we’ll be getting a brand new stage with the summer update and two more characters this winter. Check out the teaser trailers below:

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