[Updated] #Breaking: Xbox Series S Leaks Ahead of Schedule

Xbox Series S consoles design finally leaked.
We can confirm the Xbox Series S is $299, and the Series X is $499.
Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will launch on November 10, 2020.
Source: WindowsCentral

Microsoft just made it official.

Microsoft is detailing what’s inside the Xbox Series S today:

• Same 3.6GHz CPU as Xbox Series X
• Full RDNA 2.0 support
• 10GB of GDDR6 RAM
• 512GB SSD
• 3x GPU perf of Xbox One, 4x processing power

Original Story:
Youtuber Brad Sams pulled the band-aid off of the long-awaited price for the next generation Xbox console. In a video he posted to his page, he revealed the smaller and affordable model for the Xbox Series S. There’s not a lot of details right now, but we do know that it’s MSRP is speculated to be $299.99. This gives us a good place to estimate where the price for the Xbox Series X will land. Insiders are suggesting that the Xbox Series X will cost roughly $499.99. We won’t get a full confirmation until Microsoft releases official information sometime soon.

Check out the leaked video below:

Apparently the official Xbox twitter posted very telling meme in response to the leaks.

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