Lauren Shiba Slices Into Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid

We finally got a brand new trailer from nWay for the next DLC character Lauren Shiba in Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid. From her trailer, it looks like Lauren will be a high execution character much like Doggy Cruiser. She has a lot of range and can get full screen conversions from her attacks. She also looks like she will have some great mixups and okizeme.

Check out her new trailer below:

Lauren Shiba, the Red Samurai Ranger, will join the fight on September 15th as the second DLC character in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 3. Contents available today from Season 3 include Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Robert “RJ” James, Phantom Beast King character skin for Dai Shi (exclusive to Season 3 Pass), and Samurai Megazord. Stay tuned for more information about our soon to-be-revealed final character for Season 3.

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