New Platform Fighter Bounty Battle Features Your Favorite Indie Characters

As you all know, indie games are my jam. As are fighting games. So imagine my surprise when I see them mashed up once again into what looks like a Smash Bros. style game. Bounty Battle boasts 30 characters from different games, 16 stages, and each character has minions. For what? I’m not 100% sure. All we have to go off of is an animated trailer and some screen shots.

The art style definitely looks unique, though I think it fits some charactaters more than others. Juan from Guacamelee looks…strange to me. Speaking of characters, I didn’t play all the games represented, but I definitely saw some obvious stand-outs. Juan from Guacamelee, Flinthook from Flinthook, Otus from Owlboy, The Beheaded from Dead Cells, The Penitent one from Blasphemous, and I believe that was Rusty from Steamworld Dig. I never once wondered who’d win in a fight between Juan and The Penitent One, but I can finally find out.

Amazingly, I haven’t seen any trace of Shovel Knight. Not that I’m begging for him to get in, but he’s the poster child for indie games. Seriously, go look at how many indie games he’s in. That’s the king of the indies, there. Anyway, I’m down to play it if only to see some of my favorite games represented. Or maybe I’ll find some new games to love. Either way, this game has my interest. Oh, and of course, check out some of those games above. They’re all pretty good. Check out the latest trailers:

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