Watchout: An African FGC & eSports Documentary Releases New Trailer

The world of eSports is pretty vast. It’s a global industry but it’s dominated mostly by Europe, Asia and North America. But as we’ve seen in 2019, there are other territories with extremely talented players who don’t get the opportunities to showcase their skill. Arslan Ash is the cinderella story that showed that their beasts in the middle east. Arslan single handedly put his country of Pakistan on the map as a top region for Tekken.

African is another unknown territory in regards to eSports. We don’t hear a lot about African players in tournaments or events. Well this documentary is going to change that. Check out the trailer for Watchout, a documentary on the eSports and FGC scene in Afrtcan, told by Africans themselves.

Dive into the heart of African eSport, for a fascinating journey to discover the video game industry in Africa. Directed by a young Ivorian woman, Carine Moulot

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