Tri-Ace still uses their old game engine from 2008

The gaming community lately makes jokes about companies making games that look like “PS3” or “PS2” games. While this is such a nasty dig, there may be some truth to it. In the rare case, it is indeed the truth when it comes to tri-Ace.

During a recent episode of “Inside SquareEnix,” a video program hosted by the talented voice artist Hiroki Yasumoto, the creators of SquareEnix titles sat down to discuss their production process. The episode, which aired several months ago, has recently been subtitled in English, allowing a wider audience to gain insight into the world of tri-ACE and the development of Star Ocean 6: The Divine Force.

One of the highlights of this episode was the revelation that ASKA, tri-ACE’s proprietary game engine, has been employed in both console and mobile games. The engine was first used for 2008’s Xbox 360 exclusive Infinite Undiscovery. This versatility showcases the adaptability of ASKA and its ability to cater to different gaming platforms. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for ASKA. The creators also revealed that the engine underwent numerous updates throughout its existence. These updates were necessary to keep up with the ever-evolving technological landscape and to ensure that the engine remained compatible with modern gaming systems. Also, CEO Yoshiharu Gotanda acted as Lead programmer and scenario writer for the game. Gotanda has been involved with the franchise since 1996.

Interestingly, tri-ACE mentioned that most companies of their size do not possess their own proprietary game engine. This disclosure sheds light on the financial constraints they face and explains why their games sometimes appear visually outdated compared to other titles in the industry. During the episode, the team at tri-ACE did acknowledge the existence of popular commercial game engines like Unreal and Unity. However, they also highlighted the hefty price tags associated with utilizing these engines. It becomes clear that budgetary limitations play a significant role in their decision to stick with ASKA.

Despite its limitations and the challenges faced by the studio, ASKA has proven itself to be a versatile and adaptable engine. While it may contribute to the outdated visuals in tri-ACE’s games, it also showcases the dedication and resourcefulness of the development team. I enjoyed Star Ocean 6 and it was one of my Top 5 games from 2022. However, the ASKA engine is severely out of date and needs to be decommissioned soon. As fans of tri-ACE, we can only hope that one day SquareEnix will invest more in this talented studio. With greater financial support, tri-ACE could have the opportunity to create games that harness the full potential of current-generation technology. Imagine the possibilities that could arise from combining tri-ACE’s creative vision with cutting-edge graphical capabilities.

Check out the full program below. [Timestamp is 24:18 for their ASKA segment]

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