Top 5 Anime Coming to Crunchyroll Fall 2021

The Must-Watch Anime

Hey everyone! The anime train is full speed ahead for 2021. Crunchyroll has unveiled a slew of new anime for Q3 2021. Here’s some of my picks for upcoming anime for Q3 coming soon, check them out!

My Hero Academia Season 5: Our favorite super-powered, high schoolers are back and Deku’s got a new power? Can he master One-For-All once and for all? We’ll soon find out, hopefully.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Tohru and Kobayashi are back. What crazy adventures will they have this season?

Girlfriend Girlfriend: High school boy gets 2 girlfriends?? Not your standard slice of life premise, but I’m intrigued!

Fena – Pirate Princess: Sounds like Xena: Warrior Princess but with pirates. Interesting enough, this will be a joint collaboration with Adult Swim. I’m down! Are you?

SD Gundam World Heroes: A new entry in the ever expanding lore of Gundam!

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