The Mix-Up Ft. Astrid_S, Bronze Avery, Nadia Rose & More

We’re back this week with another round of amazing music released this week. There’s definitely a somber and melancholy feeling permeating in the world right now. Times like this is why music is so powerful. Here’s a snapshot of the Mix-Up for 6/5/20. You can check out the complete playlist below:

Astrid_S is back with a midtempo synth-lite aria Dance Dance Dance. The stuttering synth add a gloomy and somber feeling to the track. It’s quite exquisite with guitar strums for the pre-chorus adds to the sadness. It’s definitely a song you can get lost in emotions.
Bronze Avery returns with his latest uptempo Miami-bass-esque summer bop Only You. It captures the essence of summer love both musically and vocally. It has a romantic backdrop and makes you wanna lay on the sand with your crush.
Nadia Rose releases her hotly anticipated follow up to Sugar Zaddy, Too Bad. The UK spitfire talks her shit as the resident Gemini.

I decided to postpone the Mix-Up last week due to more important things going on. Here’s a recap of last week’s additions.

The Mamas are back with their follow up single to their Eurovision entry called Let It Be. The Mamas definitely have a distinct sound. While their vocals are very soulful and powerful, they have a great ability to shine that through a pop lens. Their harmonies and arrangements are top notch. The production is uplifting and inspiring.
Melanie C (MelC or Sporty Spice) released her future house jam Blame It On Me. Melanie has been consistent in releasing amazing EDM tracks since Northern Star. This is arguably her best dance song she’s released which is tough since she has so many incredible tracks.
TikTok Star Nova Miller released her 80s tingled eurodance Mi Amor. Something is in the water because Sweden churns out amazing pop singers. Nova has a very rich and pretty belting voice. Mi Amor has a great bass line and 80s drum loop. She sounds great and this song is infectious.
Tayla Parx releases her 70s funk single Dance Alone. Tayla embodies the era vocally with her inflections and textures. The bassline is lush and layered. This song brings some of the best elements of 70s Funk/R&B together in a great melting pot of emotion.
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