The Long Awaited Reveal Trailer for #Sindel in #MK11

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How long have we’ve waited for this?

It has felt like an eternity. We had to suffer through so two other boring DLC characters and months of Ed Boon trolling. Fear not! Our day has come. Rejoice for the Sindel trailer is finally here.

Sindel’s character model looks impeccable. Her animations are fluid. Her gameplay looks revamped with some nice additons including her naginata that she’s using now. If you’re familiar with Injustice 2, you’ll notice some familiar moves from Starfire and Black Canary. Which makes sense given how Sindel fights now. I was actually hoping they would reuse some of those assets from Black Canary for Sindel. It was a smart choice. I can’t wait to try her out. Hopefully her tournament variations are good and this trailer isn’t just a cock tease.

Sindel will be available for early access on November 26, 2019 for Season Pass holders.

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