The Legend of Heroes: Kuro No Kiseki Reveals Gameplay Footage & Character Profiles

Nihon Falcom just released a ton of information regarding The Legend of Heroes: Kuro No Kiseki. They launched the official site for the game ahead of their upcoming 40th Anniversary stream scheduled for today. Now, we can confirm the names of our four main protagonists and their general overviews. But let’s dive into the new combat system.

Battle System

As they mentioned in previous interviews, Kuro No Kiseki will employ a new action based combat system. But, if you’re not into action based combat, you can switch to command based combat on the fly. Now, the battles are seamless with no transition between battles and exploration.

In this game, the command type AT (action time) battle used in the conventional “Trails series” has been renewed!

You can enjoy more speedy and strategic battles by adopting a unique new system that seamlessly transitions from action battles on the field to command type battles. The transition from action battle to command battle can be freely transitioned at any time with a single button.

It is possible to select the battle system according to the player’s preference, such as action battles that emphasize exhilaration for small fish enemies, and strategic battles that are mainly command battles for stronger enemies. In addition, by shifting to command battle immediately when you meet an enemy, you can enjoy the gameplay as if it were the AT battle used in the conventional “Trails Series”.

Character Profiles

We’ve been waiting so long to find out the names of our heroes. Finally, we have a little bio for each character. There’s still four more characters that have yet to be revealed.

Van Arc Ride
Age: 24
Height: 180cm (5’11)
Affiliation: Spriggan

A young man based in the old town of Edith, the capital city with black hair, blue mesh, and deep blue eyes.

He has a lot of connections with people from various industries due to his work, and he seems to have a wide range of personal connections, but he still shows a side that does not let him touch the depths of his heart.

Agnes Claudel
Age: 16
Height: 158cm (5’2)
Affiliation: Aramis High School

A first-year female student enrolled in the prestigious school “Aramis High School” in the capital. A girl with a neat and gentle atmosphere that makes her long, graceful blonde flutter, but she has a strong will behind her cool eyes.

Aaron Wei
Age: 19
Height: 175cm (5’8)
Affiliation: Unknown

A playboy who has made a name for himself in the huge Touhou district of the Republic, he leads the Bloody Youth.

While mastering the sword technique and kenpo of “Tsukika-ryu”, one of the three major kenpo, he has a presence that attracts people around him.

Feri Al-Fayed
Age: 13
Height: 150cm (5′)
Affiliation: Kurga Jaeger Corps

A young hunter who belongs to the high-ranking Jaeger Corps “Kurga Warrior Corps”, which is characterized by brown skin, slightly short hair, and a small physique.

She has undergone full-scale combat training since she was a child, and while she has a glimpse of a hard side as a hunter in battle, she seems to be unaware about the city and shows a straightforward reaction like most girls her age.

Feri, who was informed that the other Jaegers with whom she had been interacting had suddenly disappeared, began she began her own search. Meanwhile, she tries to make contact with Spriggan which she heard rumors about.

Capital City Edith Flyby

No word yet on a release date or which platforms it will be released on. We can assume it will be Playstation 4/5 since the control scheme is from a Dualshock controller.

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