The Demise of #E3: A bleak future ahead

This article explores the state of E3 after its cancellation in 2022 and the recent decisions of several major game publishers to skip this year’s event. With the future of the convention in question, the article examines the reasons why E3’s relevance has declined and what this means for the gaming industry. Could this be the end of E3 as we know it?

In case you needed to hear it again, E3 is dead, buried, and gone, and nothing seems to be changing that.

After its cancellation in 2022, E3’s existence has come into question. Game trailers were still being released, hype was still high, and gamers were still happy without E3. There was a time when the event generated hype from gamers everywhere. Now, the times are much different. With every publisher doing their versions of Nintendo Directs, why should they pay E3 to host them?

In just the past few hours, SEGA, Tencent, and Ubisoft have all confirmed they won’t be at E3 this year. They are following in the footsteps of Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox in not appearing at the show floor. Although Xbox says they’ll co-stream their event with E3. Honestly, it was surprising that Ubisoft declined. But given their recent development woes, they probably couldn’t afford it. So instead, we’ll get an “Ubisoft Forward.”

With so many announcements coming out of companies bowing out of E3, this puts its future in danger. What will they show? Who’s even still coming, if anyone? Time will tell, but the future looks bleak. This could very well be one of the last E3s we see. Though for some, it probably should have ended in 2022.

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